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Women who have participated in our programs report benefits such as more energy, less pain, reduced anxiety, reduced body fat, improved mood, and improved cognizant function.


Alisha’s Story

This girl is on fire! Introducing the woman on fire for fitness and health, Alisha Stevenson. Coach Alisha overcame stage three colorectal cancer, anxiety, and sugar addiction with the help of a well-balanced support system. This system included four key components, fitness, mindfulness, detoxification, and nutrition. Today she is dedicated to sharing with you how to develop your own system to improve your quality of life.
Alisha is a wife, mom, and former police officer who has turned her trial into her testimony. She now advocates for the health and wellbeing of moms desires guidance and coaching for their ultimate wellness journey. It was not easy, but she fought for her right to stay cancer-free and live with joy and peace. There is no quick fix- fad diets, pills, and deprivation won’t cut it. It takes lifestyle changes that include nutrition, stress management, environmental toxin minimization, and self-care. Everyone is different, so there is no one size fits all solution. Still, we all deserve to take a break and NHALE with nutrition, hydration, attitude, lifestyle, and exercise tools that can be incorporated into any schedule. As a trained investigator, Coach Alisha can help you to get to the bottom of your wellness challenges and work towed devising and executing your wellness lifestyle plan to live healthier, happier, and hopefully longer.


Roberta McClinon

Roberta’s Story

“Taking the first step into your greatness as you age gracefully”

• Advanced Natural Health Studies
• Certified Personal Trainer
• Certified Senior Fitness Specialist
• Certified Reflexologist – International Institute of Reflexology
• Reiki II Practitioner – Be, Believe, Become, Begin, Become, Inc.
• American Red Cross CPR /AED Certification

A journey of a million miles begins with the first footstep. My footsteps have led me down many roads. My steps into the holistic health field began long before I consciously chose it. It actually chose me! My journey began as an infant who was sensitive to elements in my environment including canned milk, shampoo, baby powder, and lotions. These steps led me to years of different health issues that went unconfirmed. Eventually, I was given a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis which turned out to be a series of body system imbalances caused by mercury sensitivity from tooth fillings, severe hypoglycemia, chemical sensitivity, and pernicious anemia – each mimic symptoms of MS.
•Instead of accepting this fate and continue walking that road, I chose a different path. One of determination to change the direction of my life. After using traditional medicine without success, I researched and began utilizing natural health methods such as dietary changes, herbs, switching to natural personal, laundry and cleaning products along with exercise and replacing the amalgam (mercury) fillings. Together each has helped me maintain stability and improve her health. I am now healthier and more vibrant than I was in my 30’s, 40’s and 50’s!
•As a Senior Fitness and Nutrition Specialist, I’ve taken these years of experience to advocate and assist Baby Boomers and Seniors to gracefully step into their greatness through nutrition, fitness, stress management, detoxification of internal and external environments. Let me show you how you too can discover the roots of some of the issues you may be experiencing and become healthier and age gracefully. Join me!


Danyetta Najoli

Danyetta’s Story

“She has utilized her coaching skills to first self-coach…”

Danyetta is a professional growth mindset and personal foundations coach.  She uses the concepts of cultural humility, mindfulness, active listening,  positive psychology, humor, and multiple intelligence within her coaching practice.  Danyetta coaches successful people who recognize the value of enlisting a coach to support them in one or two areas at a time.  In her coaching practice, Danyetta co-creates alongside successful people who want to experience sustained growth in foundational areas including life and career direction, getting to know who they are deep down in order to live a more effortless life, and building and sustaining non-toxic relationships.  Danyetta has deep emotional fortitude and empathetic listening skills which enable her to excel as a personal coach. 

Danyetta has overcome the childhood trauma of growing up in the disinvested Harlem of the 70s-80s and losing both her parents within a year apart, at an early age.  She has utilized her coaching skills to first self-coach and to share these proven principles with her coaching clients.  She has put in the work and loves coaching people who want to:

  • overcome a challenge

  • achieve a short-term or long-term goal

  • realize a dream

  • start a new habit

Danyetta’s foundational work with her clients allows them to successfully transition their learning into many other areas of their lives including health, wellness, financial, and relationships offered here at ReflexFit.

Danyetta earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Fisk University (HBCU) and a Master of Arts degree from Regent University in Organizational Leadership.  She received her personal coach training from Harvard Business School’s Coaching for Results course and The Thomas Leonard Graduate School of Coaching.  She is a founding member of Coachville.com. Coach Danyetta is currently enrolled at Cornell University’s Diversity and Inclusion Certificate Program. 


Danyetta has authored the book, 40 Keys to Excellence-Based Living: Practical Ways to Happily Live with Intention and contributed to, It Takes Money Honey: Guaranteed Strategies for Finance, Faith, and Freedom. Danyetta has written ebooks and developed coaching cards.   She also offers online, self-paced coach training and coaching programs. These self-paced programs and tools can also be used in conjunction with Danyetta’s coaching services.