If we are not careful, the responsibilities of a woman, work, relationships, and life in general, can lead to toxic stress, weight gain, and disease.  But being a woman doesn’t have to mean you sacrifice your health and wellness.  As a woman, you need to live happier, healthier, and more relaxed so that you can care for your children,  loved ones, and especially yourself!

If you are ready to get into your wellness groove, then Women in Rhythm is here to help!   Through a series of consultations, coaching, fitness, nutrition, reflexology, supplements, and other unique experiences, we assist you in achieving your balance and develop YOUR individualized program:

  • PRoutines to decrease stress enhance relaxation
  • PNutrition that helps to build immunity and fuels the body
  • PExercises that emphasize and maintain physical wellness
  • PActivities that promote good energy while handling your business

Step 1

Through our 90-minute Discovery consultation, together, we will determine what is most important to you and help you set goals and plans to achieve them.

Step 2

Once your plan is formulated, we choose the components that best suit your lifestyle by incorporating changes in behavior such as:

Food and Mood -- Nutrition

Food affects our mood. While balancing the responsibilities of parenthood and life stressors, it’s important to realize the role food plays in our ability to fight disease, maintain a healthy weight, and manage stress. Time, taste, and awareness are a few of the barriers to a healthy diet that we will explore together.

Step Up to Fitness -- Movement

Staying mobile is the key to life! Our fitness programs (group, individual, and video options) are tailored to your abilities and requirements, including stress management..

By the Weigh - Weight Management

Maintaining and achieving your ideal weight is about more than pounds. It’s also about the inner “you,” are you sleeping well? There are factors such as emotions, trauma, vitamin deficiencies; hormonal imbalances that come into play also. Let’s explore these deep-rooted problems and solve them.

Stress Less - Stress Management and Relaxation

Some stress is motivational and keeps us going, but too much stress can be toxic. Many of us are always turned on and enter into stress overload and go into a toxic stress mode putting us at risk of disease, exhaustion, burnout, and weight gain. You need a break! Incorporating self-care and relaxation rhythms can give you the extra boost of energy and joy you need to live healthier, happier, and have more energy for your loved ones.

Step 3

REPEAT, REVISE and REVOLUTIONIZE STEPS 1 AND 2 as you see fit. At ReflexFit, we understand that change is a journey and not a destination. There will be ebbs and flows and at times the need to reset and start over. This is not an indication of failure; it’s an indication of life. So, at the end of the program, you are not alone. You will have access to us for ongoing support and reengagement as needed. are a few of the barriers to a healthy diet that we will explore together.

Free Consultation

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